Offshore-related devices by hypertechnics from belgium

Hypertechnics is the right place for the product development, mechanical design and manufacture of all type of offshore-related devices. We supply products that are customised to your needs.

This means that we design our own products that are able to operate in high-pressure conditions. For example, you can come to us to produce pressure vesselsunderwater camerasunderwater lighting and connectors. Swift delivery is a priority for us. We recently also became the benelux distributor of aquabotix and blue robotics.

We maintain and supply various rovs, and we design custom parts.

We can also carry out pressure tests for you.
Send us your exact requirements, and we will then produce a detailed proposal so that you know precisely what the results are.
If you have any questions about our business and what we do, you can always send them to us. We will get back to you promptly.


To gain a better idea of our activities and what we do, please take a look at our photos

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