Mechanical design resistant to extreme conditions

Your company is active under water. The material you use must therefore be able to withstand high hydrostatic pressure. Hypertechnics can take care of the mechanical design in Belgium of your constructions and this from a to z.

We take care of these designs thanks to our advanced 3D-CAD programme and our FEA analysis software. These include the production of ROVs, diving equipment and sensors for the dredging industry or aquaculture. One of our specialties is to provide various sensors, which are used in automation, with a waterproof housing. This can range from housings around strain gauges, vibration sensors, encoders, data loggers to complete underwater torque measurement systems.

Everything is tested

Before we make these materials available to our customers, we make sure that everything is thoroughly tested.

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Questions about the mechanical design of our materials? Then definitely contact Hypertechnics in Belgium.

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